The summer is magic

For years I have been waiting for a chance to connect with a Red-necked Stint for my Dutch list. Till this summer they have always eluded me. The first for our country came in the eighties. I was twitching a Lesser Grey Shrike that day and no-one had heard of even a pager in those days, so it was not before that evening that I learned about it and next day was school day, so…

The next came during an important soccer game, quarter final against Argentina I believe and when we finally arrived it was long gone.

Then came two one man sightings and one spending a morning on Texel, but when I arrived… well, you know.

So when news broke on the morning of July 19th 2011 I was eager to go. Work was low that day, so I was on my way to the island of Texel soon. Road workings and diversions almost made me miss the ferry, but although being the last car to board, I was on it. During the 15 min crossing I learned that the bird was still there and not before long I was watching it.

What a bird! And good for the list too as most top listers had it already. It constituted the 6th record for the Netherlands of wich three were on Texel, all found by Arend Wassink!

Not long after this day I was watching the 3th, but first twitchable, Spotted Sandpiper for the Netherlands, but that ’s for a next blog entry.




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