Dusky Warbler: nice find on my local patch

Today I was working at home. Around none I needed a break so I walked from my house through the park to my local patch. Not before long I heard a bird calling and it wasn’t a Blackcap. I knew I had found a Dusky warbler, but I needed at least a glimpse of it before I could send out a bird alert.After a rather long time I had my glimpse and it was enough! No doubt!

This was my 3th self found Dusky Warbler (also found the first twitchable on Texel in October 1987) and the 3th for Katwijk.


MEGA Long-tailed Shrike

Today started as a normal day. A quick round before work produced very few birds. When I met René van Rossum and Ed Schouten we discussed this lack of birds and I mentioned that one bird could be enough, it just had to be a good one!

When I got home some minutes later I just wanted to do some householding stuff when a birdalert came through: possible Long-tailed Shrike! It was just before noon and the drive would be little short of 1,5 hr so I had to act quickly. My wife took the car to go to work so I had to collect that first. 15 minutes later, and very sweaty, I rushed into her work and grabbed the keys from her hand.

Langstaartklauwier, Den Helder, 31 oktober 2011

When I finally hit the road I received a Dutch Bird Alert saying that the pictures looked good, but the bird hadn’t been seen since the discovery. When I was half way news broke that some previously unseen pictures showed a clear Long-tailed Shrike! I stepped on the gas. A little later the bird was refound and was showing well. I pushed a little harder.

Langstaartklauwier, Den Helder, 31 oktober 2011

Langstaartklauwier, Den Helder, 31 oktober 2011

When I eventually reached the spot where all the cars were parked I had to walk some 800 meter to the growing crowd. And then… there it was! Number 450 for my Dutch List, a new Dutch bird and, I think, only the fourth European record of this Asian mega.

Langstaartklauwier, Den Helder, 31 oktober 2011

Just Before dark I visited a nearby Desert Wheatear that, I was told, walked accross your feet. Well, you need a very large shoe size then.

Woestijntapuit, Camperduin, 31 oktober 2011

Crap photo’s, brilliant bird

This weekend is one of those weekends that I should have been on Vlieland, but, for various reasons, I’m not. So I had to do some birding on the mainland and because I hadn’t seen any proper birds this autumn I wanted to see something good.

About a week ago a Red-flanked Bluetail was trapped at Castricum. As always the bird disappeared quickly after release. After a few days however, the bird was refound and because it showed well yesterday, I decided to go and see it today.

I took Evi (2,5) along and with the bicycle on the car we drove to Castricum. The bird was easy to find and it gave prolonged views, but due to the terrain and Evi getting bored quickly photographing was hardly possible. But what a bird! I saw the wintering one at Zandvoort a few years ago, but this bluetail moving about in a autumn setting was even more special.

Blauwstaart / Red-flanked Bluetail, Castricum, 22 Oct 2011

The summer is magic

For years I have been waiting for a chance to connect with a Red-necked Stint for my Dutch list. Till this summer they have always eluded me. The first for our country came in the eighties. I was twitching a Lesser Grey Shrike that day and no-one had heard of even a pager in those days, so it was not before that evening that I learned about it and next day was school day, so…

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